Minnie O Shirva’s Cradle Song


The lullaby that appears on the last page of Singing Sally was contributed by James Laurenson and is used by kind permission of his family and the School of Scottish Studies Archives, where the original recording is held:

SA1959.087.091, Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches,


In the link above you can hear the old recording of James singing it in 1959, and sometime I’ll post a recording of us singing it too.

There was only space in Singing Sally for three of the verses.

Here are all the verses:

Da boatie sails an da boatie rows,

Dey set dir sails an dey hail dir towes,

Hush-a-baa-baa, me peerie lamb,

De faider is comin awa fae fram.

Da sheep dey baa, an da craas dey craa,

Dey flap dir wings an dey flee awa,

Hush-a-baa-baa, me peerie flee,

Aald Daa'll be comin wi shalls ta dee.

Da burnie rins an da burnie rowes,

Da lambs dey dance ower da hedder-cowes,

Hush-a-baa-baa, me treisir dear,

Dey'll naebody hurt dee whin Mam is near.

Da laverick lifts an he sings ta aa,

Da winter comes wi da caald an snaa,

Hush-a-baa-baa, me peerie flooer,

Lang Willie is löin ahint da door.

Da mares dey böl and da kye comes hame,

We lay wis doon ida Gödie's name,

Hush-a-baa-baa, me peerie ting,

He covers wis aa wi His holy wing.