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Surfing Sally: a story with a sea theme

Surfing Sally is a children’s story with a surfing theme. It’s a book about a girl with long salty hair, who delights in riding the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. While waiting for waves to catch and ride along, she notices the wonders of the sea and sky. She’s also thrilled by nature’s surprises, like her reflection in bubbles of foam and rainbows in the wind-blown spray. She watches egrets and oystercatchers, swift terns and sacred ibises. She surfs among dolphins and colourful fish. And when the waves tumble her, she giggles inside. Sally’s faithful companions – her two salty dogs – join her at the beach for the surfing adventure from morning until night. Inside this surfing story is a deeper tale about nature’s energy, playful forms and pure spirit. It’s a magical book about the wonders of the ocean and the excitement of surfing, that surfers will enjoy.

Sally’s adventures continue in Singing Sally, which starts on her surfboard and journeys to islands in the North Sea.

Softcover • Threadsewn • 24 pages
24 illustrations • 148 x 180

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its
net of wonder forever.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Surfing Sally children’s book illustration of a couple of quirky fish