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Singing Sally: a story with a musical theme

Singing Sally is a children’s book about the joy of singing and the timelessness of song. It’s the follow-on to Surfing Sally, about a salty haired girl who loves the sea and surfing. In this story Sally journeys from a surfing village near the southern tip of Africa to islands in the North Sea – Orkney and Shetland – where, music, song and singing are a part of everyday life. Sally has a wonderful time singing with her friends in unexpected places: on a pier head and in a stone circle, at a Neolithic ruin and the top of a lighthouse, amongst other fun places. The illustrations on each page of the story are full of colour and detail, so there’s something special in it for all children, from toddlers to young readers.

The story’s main theme is a musical one, and about making ancestral links through music. Through Sally’s adventure, she shares the message that music is universal and songs can can link us all. The book ends with the words and music of the beautiful Shetland lullaby, Minnie O’ Shirva’s Cradle Song.

Softcover • Threadsewn • 24 pages
24 illustrations • 148 x 180
• Includes
a Shetland lullaby

For the islands I sing.

George MacKay Brown

Singing Sally children’s book illustration page 15 of little egrets